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Scott Jack - Magnetic Interaction

Scott Jack – Magnetic Interaction

$197.00 $47.00

Will give you the confidence to automatically walk up to hot high value women in any social situation and have a Magnetic Interaction without hesitation.

As guys, we tend to be more visual learners…

Eliott Hulse - Grounding Man Video course

Eliott Hulse – Grounding Man Video course

$497.00 $79.00

Early psychological trauma causes one to embody the Oral Character Structure. In this video, we’ll go over the origin of the Oral, how it looks when it’s embodied, and how it plays out in society.

Helena Nista - Masturbation Coaching

Helena Nista – Masturbation Coaching

$297.00 $57.00

I’d like to witness the day, which is sure to come, when saying, “I’m staying in tonight to self-pleasure,” is as socially acceptable as, “I’m going to the gym / yoga class / shopping…”


Hans Comyn - The Way of a Seducer

Hans Comyn – The Way of a Seducer

$19.99 $12.00

And yet, nearly always, seduction is articulated as a mere means to an end. Its exploration, almost exclusively, tries to answer the question ‘What works?’. We seem interested in seduction only as far as it provides us with the tools to take from the other what we covertly desire

Johnathan White - Multi-Orgasmic Man

Johnathan White – Multi-Orgasmic Man

$7,895.00 $247.00

Have you ever heard that Kegels are the cure for premature ejaculation? I’m sure you have. That was one of the first methods I learned. Most of the methods you’ll see other people teaching to control ejaculation and have non-ejaculatory orgasms involve squeezing the pelvic floor.