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Irvin Yalom MD - Live Case Consultation DVD(1)

Irvin Yalom MD – Live Case Consultation DVD


This video clearly shows how Irvin Yalom’s theories can be applied to the types of cases you are likely to encounter in your every day psychotherapy practice. An invaluable resource for professional development for therapists of all orientations.

Bruce Wilson - Usui Reiki Healing Master System(1)

Bruce Wilson – Usui Reiki Healing Master System


Usui Reiki Healing Master system, created by Bruce Wilson, is a newly updated reiki course that uncovers to learners new lessons of reiki. The Usui Reiki Healing Master review that was just posted by reveals if this course is worth buying.

NSCA Resistance Training Exercise Technique(1)

NSCA Resistance Training Exercise Technique


Exercises are explained through sequential instructions and photos to ensure that readers will learn the safest and most effective technique. Accompanying checklists identify the correct grip, stance, body position, and range of motion for each exercise.

DVD ChiRucky(1)

DVD ChiRucky

$39.90 $11.90
The essential running DVD – it’s like having a personal running coach available anytime! Highlights include:
  • Stream the digital DVD and/or download it directly to your computer to watch on your portable devices
  • Learn how and why ChiRunning works
Rudy Hunter - The PACE Process(1)

Rudy Hunter – The PACE Process

$77.00 $27.00

There is always a how/when & time/space set of vectors that initiate every problem.
The great news is we don’t need to know the exact details to begin to have our problem dissolve.