Darren LaCroix – Master Presenter’s Pack

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Darren LaCroix – Master Presenter’s Pack

Doesn’t that just make sense? Maybe it does to you & me because we think alike. I’m shocked


Darren LaCroix – Master Presenter’s Pack


The ability to speak confidently and intelligently is a skill that will take you far. This guy shows you how he got good enough to win the speaker of the year award. There’s

a lot of good stuff here. Thanks to the usual suspects for the heads up. The Magic Shrink Ray(tm) saved us about 45% on the file size. If you need to speak to clients,

customers, online or offline I think you’ll get a benefit from going through the material. RECOMMENDED

Note: In Connect With Any Audience – Audio, the MP3’s are missing for Disk 2. Don’t worry, the transcripts for Disk 2 are in Connect With Any Audience – Data Disc

Who else wants to be a Master Presenter?

Getting started on any presentation can be difficult, discouraging, and nerve-racking.

Questions like: “How do I begin? Will they be bored? How do I end this with a bang?” swirl through your mind. And it’s frustrating to have so many questions and

nowhere to turn for answers.

Darren Wants To Make Your Journey Easier!

“I purchased your CDs and they have really made a difference
in how I approach public speaking. You have definitely inspired me…”
– Brian Toner – Inside Wholesaler
Fidelity Investments Institutional Services, Co., Inc.

World-class Speaking Does Not Take.
Money, Brains, Talent, Or Connections

It simply takes following a system and learning from the best. I found the people at the top often gave me much better advice, and the exact opposite of everyone else.

Why? They think differently and teach from years of experience and wisdom.

When I wanted to be a comedian, I turned to established comedians and became a great student. When I won the regional level of the speech contest, and was about to

compete in the championship, I went straight to the World Champions. Doesn’t that just make sense? Maybe it does to you & me because we think alike. I’m shocked

that more people do not do that. Whenever I speak at a conference where there is a speech contest I usually only have 3 out of the 9 contestants sitting in on my session.

Isn’t that crazy? I used to be in the front row, leaning forward, absorbing all I could.

Here is just a taste of what you’ll discover in the Master Presenter PACK. Everything we wish someone told us.

>> The “speech creation process” my coach, Mark Brown, showed me (Speak Like a Champion Set CD 2)

>> Ed Tate’s essential 4 H’s to great speaking and only one is optional! (Speaking Secrets Set CD 5)

>> The 4 commonalities of 10 World Champs you can bring to your next speech (The Path to Powerful Presentations DVD Program 1)

>> How to handle hecklers in hostile audiences (Connect with Any Audience CD 3)

>> The most important question to ask before you write a speech (The Path to Powerful Presentations DVD 3rd Sec, Program 1)

>> How to change the pace to keep the audience involved (Connect with Any Audience CD 2)

You get:

6 CD Set – Speaking Secrets of the Champions $79.95
Speaking Secrets e-book transcription $19.95
4 CD Set – Connect with Any Audience $69.95
4 CD Set – Speak Like a Champion $99.95
4 CD Set – Learn How the Pros Make ’em Laugh $99.00
Single CD – Mentors Made the Difference $14.95
Single CD – How to Be a World Champion $19.95
Single CD – Panic to Power $24.95
Book – Laugh & Get Rich (268 pages) $19.95
DVD – The Path to Powerful Presentations $59.95
DVD – Just for Laffs (Need a laugh?) $20.00

Craig Valentine
Darren LaCroix
David Brooks
Ed Tate
Jim Key
Mark Brown

Brooks, Brown and LaCroix – Mentors Made the Difference
Connect With Any Audience – Audio
Connect With Any Audience – Data Disc
Darren LaCroix – Speak Like a Champion
Darren LaCroix et al – Make ’em Laugh
Darren LaCroix Interview – Masters of Success
Fripp, LaCroix and Tate – How to Become a World Champion Speaker
Just for Laffs – Humorize to Humanize DVD
Panic to Power – Swift and Simple Speaking Strategies Anyone Can Use
Secrets of the Champions
The Path to Powerful Presentations DV

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