Jaiya – The Art of Female Self-Pleasuring


New World Sex Education is proud to announce our newest release featuring Jaiya s teachings that lead a beginner as well as experienced women through a transformational ritual of Tantric Female Self Pleasuring.


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Jaiya – The Art of Female Self-Pleasuring

Product Description

New World Sex Education is proud to announce our newest release featuring Jaiya s teachings that lead a beginner as well as experienced women through a transformational ritual of Tantric Female Self Pleasuring.

In this 2 disc DVD set you will experience a unique and magical journey deep into the world of women loving themselves through the practice of ancient sacred sexual arts. This video is for women who want to take their pleasure to new peaks. And also for men who can learn how to be better lovers by witnessing how women find pleasure. Jaiya, an expert in sexual wellness, will guide you through Tantric Ritual, Self Massage, Orgasmic Breathing, Erotic Trance States and Deep Orgasm. Beautifully shot in HD with artistry and elegance, the women on this video are captured in all their glory.

In this Video you will learn:

Full Body Sensual Awakening

Full Body Self Erotic Massage

Orgasmic Breathing/Erotic Trance States

Tantric Ritual for Self Pleasure

Secrets to Female Sexuality

Extra Features

Kundalini Ritual

Dance for Pleasure

Excellent Teachings By Jaiya

Topics Explored Include:

Overcoming Sexual Shame, Female Ejaculation, The G-Spot, Sexual Healing, Self Pleasuring, Sexuality and Spirituality.

About the Actor

BEHIND THE SCENES: Working With The Models

Shayne Ryder

It was the first time that NWSE worked with an adult film star and she had quite an incredible journey. Shayne had no experience with Tantra, Yoga, Breathwork or Self Massage. Jaiya and Jon first met her for a night of rehearsal where they led her through the Tantric Self Pleasure Ritual. It was difficult for her to breathe, difficult for her to stay in a meditative space, and she didn t know her own anatomical landmarks. Jaiya and Jon were surprised that someone whose job was all about sex had such a limit on what was possible, but very excited that she was in such a state of new discovery about her body and what kind of capacity it had for pleasure. That s why they love to make these kinds of video so that people can learn, so that people can discover. Shayne was open and very willing to take the time to discover and that was a great first step. The next day was the shoot and we began by having her set an intention for the ritual, then with warming up her body. Our director Lawrence Lanoff helped Jon and Jaiya guide her, reminding her to let go, to breathe deep. You will see on the video how difficult it was for her to get into the shaking and to start to let loose. It made Jaiya wonder how many women are afraid to really shake and move their bodies for fear of some supposed unsightly part of their body shaking. How much does a negative body image keep us from going deeper into our bodily experience? Lawrence and Jaiya continued coaching Shayne through the ritual and she began to sink deeper and deeper into the experience. Soon she was finding her own breath pattern that was deep and relaxed. After about two and a half hours we had gone through all of the techniques for the video and we gave Shayne permission to just freeform and let go, but invited her to stay with the breath. She was pretty deep into the experience at this time. Her hands were tingling and she was having signs of being in an orgasmic state. When she did reach a g-spot orgasm she begins to cry. What a journey! Jaiya wishes that the cameras could have kept rolling because it was the moments after the experience that were emotionally compelling. Shayne was in a very altered state and having a hard time understanding what she had gone through. Lawrence and Jaiya sat with her on set and talked with her to make sure that she was okay. Shayne exclaimed I just have never really spend that much time with my body… Wow.

The ritual was a total of three hours, on the video you will see about fifty five minute from her experience. When Shayne was back in the dressing room she took quite a bit of time to herself, her hands and face still tingling and she was still feeling emotional. Lawrence talked to her a few days later and she was still feeling like something powerful had happened, but she had no idea how to wrap words around it. Working with Shayne was great because she was so willing to discover as Jaiya taught her the techniques. Most people are like Shayne and have not spent much time with their bodies. They have not taken the time to notice their breath, to warm up their full body, to massage their genitals. Shayne is a testimony to the power of spending time and the power of the Tantric Techniques. Her piece is a meditation, it is designed to inspire women to take the time to explore and discover.


Rachel is a Kundalini Yoga practitioner and skilled in sensual touch and dance. During her piece Jon was coaching her to warm up her body through techniques from her personal Yoga practice, Still her Mind in meditation, Arouse Sexual Energy, and then move the Energy through her body. All of what she does on the video is from her own self pleasure practice… For more about the models visit our website.

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