Land Shark Education – REMORA OPTIONS TRADING (Silver Membership)

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Land Shark Education – REMORA OPTIONS TRADING (Silver Membership)

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Land Shark Education – REMORA OPTIONS TRADING (Silver Membership)

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Are you someone who wants to start investing but either do not have a large account or the time do sit and trade all day? If so, our Remora Options Trading membership is for you. You can begin with this yearly membership using the on-demand, self-study course paired with the 24/7 Shark Chat Room.

Learn to trade never using more than $500 on any single idea while making 5-8 trades per month.

You will only follow a set of 20 stocks each month and using the strategies in the Remora Options Trading Course place a trade to simply buy calls or puts on those stocks. This easy to follow strategy can be used by anyone, regardless of trading experience. Because we are teaching you to use options to make these trades it does not require you to do this full-time or to day trade. You will learn how to place a trade that will typically last anywhere from 2-7 days in time, that’s it!


  • Options 101
  • Options Terminology
  • Trading Between Bid & Ask
  • Options Broker Selection
  • Monthly v. Weekly Options
  • The Remora Options Method
  • Case Studies of Past Trades
  • Account Management
  • Position Sizing for $500 per Trade
  • Trading Platform Set Up